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Vaos Windmill Tripiti

Useful information - Payment & Cancellation Terms

Check-in time:      15:00 – 23:00
Check out time:    07:00 – 11:00

Payment Terms

Bank transfer to a Greek bank account, within 3 days from reservation (the bank account will be communicated upon your confirmation of the booking).

Minimum stay

3 nights.

Voluntary Cancellation 

No refund on voluntary cancellation. 


Involuntary Cancellation

Cancellation without adverse consequences is permitted when unpredictable circumstances, beyond your control, arise after booking and make it impracticable or illegal to complete your reservation. 
When you can cancel without adverse consequences:

  • Sickness by severe infectious illness at time of departure, providing copy of the medical certificate. This does not include other COVID-19 related disruptions, since after the declaration of global pandemic by the World Health Organization, its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected.

  • Travel restrictions imposed by governments after booking that prohibit traveling to, or returning from the location. This does not include non-binding travel advisories, imposed quarantines or similar guidance.

  • Government declared local or national emergencies, military actions and other hostilities. 

  • Natural disasters, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This does not include weather or natural conditions that are common or foreseeable in that location.


This Policy only allows for cancellations without adverse consequences for the unforeseen circumstances listed above. In all other cases, the amount refunded will be determined by the Voluntary Cancellation policy (above) that applies to the reservation.
Examples of situations that this Policy does not allow cancellations for include: non-infectious diseases or injury; government obligations like court appearances or military duties; travel advisories or other government guidance (except travel ban or prohibition); lost or expired travel documents; cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the reservation was made; transportation disruptions like road closures or flight, train, bus and ferry cancellations. 

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