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Rent a Boat in Milos
No license required

Brand new, top quality small boats to cruise the turquoise sea of Milos and explore magic beaches unreachable by car. Our boats are stationed in the small harbor of Provatas, on the south of the island: a magnificent coastline dotted by sea caves and small coves, sheltered from strong winds, at 30 min. to the natural wonders of Kleftiko.  

Floating in the Sea

Boats & Service

  • Model: FunBoats 4,50 or 4,90 meters, for 5 - 6 passengers.

  • Engine: Mercury 30HP (main), Mercury 4HP (backup).

  • Full safety equipment, GPS tracker, ladder, Bluetooth & loudspeakers.

  • Cooler with water provided. You can bring on board your own drinks and snacks.

  • No license required.

Floating in the Sea


  • We'll provide everything you need for a fun day out, in full safety.

  • Before your trip, experienced staff will teach you how to use the boat, if you have never done so before.

  • You will receive our custom map, showing the noticeable places and the "hidden gems" in the area. 

Floating in the Sea

Discounted Price

  • Fare: € 260 per day  (half day € 170).

  • Fuel not included (depending on use, approx. €30-€50).

  • Need a skipper with you?
    + €50 / 100 (half or full day).


  • Payment:  directly to the rental, in Provatas port, when you get the boat.

Rent a Boat in Milos
Information and Reservations

Half or Full Day?
Need a Skipper with you?

Thanks for your interest. You will soon be contacted  by the boat rental with all details.

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